Our menu

Our Starters

A bountiful variety of traditional Moroccan starters

Lahrira: Traditional Fassi soup with chick peas and lentils

Tchicha: Barley soup flavored with coriande

Soupa Bel Khodra : Potage with seven vegetables

Crudité Salad of Riad Fès

Pastilla with quail or sea food filling

Briouat: Puff pastry pockets with meat or sea food or cheese filling

Our Main Courses

Djaj Mkali: Coquelet seasoned with preserved lemon and olives, Saffron of Taliouine, pumpkin jam and grilled almonds

Djaj Mchermel: Tajine of chicken simmered in a sauce of aromatic herbs and onion, served with Mslala olives

Djaj Mhamar: Golden roasted coquelet with semolina and dry raisins filling, smothered in a three-spiced sauce

L’hame M’hamer: Lamb tossed in a smoked onion jam, caramelized carrots and roasted potatoes

Lham Tfaya: Succulent lamb flavored with Saffron and coriander, grilled almonds

L’hame Mkhadar: Beef tajine in its ginger sauce and caramelized dried prunes stuffed with walnuts

Kabab Maghdour: Diced beef slow-simmered in Moroccan herb reduction, topped with a fried egg

Couscous bil khadra: Homemade couscous steamed with lamb stock and traditional Moroccan Spices, served with simmered lamb and a seven-vegetable-variety

Couscous Tfaya: Chicken couscous with onion jam and dry raisins, grilled almonds

Hout Mkhadar: Spiced Mediterranean Sea-Bass roasted with vegetables and Moroccan Chili-Saffron emulsion, fondant potatoes

Hout Bil Laymoun: Roasted Sea-Bass marinated in Moroccan Citrus blend, mashed potato

Vegetarian dishes

Trio of Briouat with vegetables filling, Harissa sauce

Assortment of vegetables with rice filling, Chermoula sauce

Tajine of vegetables with ginger sauce


Our Desserts

Orange Tarte with almonds, saffron pistils

Fruit Tajine with spices, mango icecream

Chocolate Fondant, vanilla icecream

Nougat of Moulay Idriss

Crusty Pastilla with cream and orange slices

Iced meringue, purée of strawberry

Caramelized apple crumble with cinnamon, vanilla ice-cream

Chocolate Fondant, vanilla ice-cream

Royal Sorbet: vanilla and strawberry ice-cream, slices of fruits, strawberry coulis

L’Alcazar: Lemon Sorbet and fruits, Mahia

Vanilla or Chocolate ice-cream

Lemon tarte, Italian meringue, strawberry coulis

Our Formulas

Petite Faim: 350 MAD

Starter + Main course Or Main Course + Dessert

 Menu Delice: 450 MAD

Starter + Main course + Dessert

Gastronomic Menu: 600 MAD

Starter + Hot Starter + Main Course + Dessert

Tasting Menu: 700 MAD

A festive dinner of six Courses served in small portions up to the gastronomic menu of the day (served for the whole table)